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The Tea Party and The Common Wealth

October 11, 2011

For an independent voter like me, the Tea Party should hold more than a little attractiveness.  For the last few decades I have searched for a third party movement that could break the stranglehold of the major parties that are in fact, carbon copies of each other.  Both pander to Wall Street, the monster banks, the Federal Reserve and the powerful alien and domestic lobbies that control our foreign policy.

My quest has led me through the movements of Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader and of late, Ron Paul.  Dr. Paul’s campaign shows the most promise for now but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance as long as he remains wedded to the Republican Party and tainted by Tea Party war lovers. For the time being, the Tea Party controls the Republicans but their claim to Constitutionalism is ludicrous.  They are just as addicted to the American Military Empire and undeclared perpetual wars as the mainstream oligarchs and Robber Barons.  The Founders would be left spinning if they witnessed the Military Industrial Complex of today.

What is most notably missing from their guiding principles is a sense and spirit of “Commonwealth.”  I suspect if one were to make a cogent argument for recapturing this concept in American political discourse, the word would soon be relegated to the hated lexicon of pejorative labels along with “socialist, liberal, isolationist, protectionist and unionist.”  In fact, the idea of Commonwealth predates Karl Marx by at least a few hundred years.  After all, shouldn’t the welfare of our neighbors be of at least equal importance with that of our friends halfway across the globe?

The utopian laissez faire capitalist paradise of the Kochs, Roves, Armys, Murdochs and their Tea Party minions can be found nowhere in American history. the model that comes to mind is that of the Middle Ages where ninety percent of Europe’s wealth was owned by two percent of the population.  Our current American model has one percent owning ninety-five percent of the wealth.  Lots of luck Tea Partiers if you think you’re gonna join that club, ‘cause you ain’t!

John Robert Ulbinsky


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