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A Platform For OWS

November 3, 2011

As a member of Veteran’s For Peace I support the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some writers criticize the movement for not having clearly defined the issues or workable solutions.  While the claims of general widespread support are exaggerated, those who scoff do so with their heads buried solidly in the sand and at great peril.

You don’t like distribution of wealth? How about concentration of same?  Class warfare?  Top down attacks on the middle class have been the norm for three decades.  Over-taxed? Historically, those who profited in wartime paid the most.

Look farther into the past for answers as “conservatives” are supposed to do.  Stop printing inflated fiat money and replace it with a stable value backed currency.  Restore sensible financial regulation; restoring Glass-Steagall is the best example, with strict separation of commercial and investment banking.  Free Trade?  Use applicable tariffs reciprocally to ensure Fairness.  Too Big to Fail?  Enforce Anti-Trust laws that were put into place a century ago by Republican President Teddy Roosevelt.  Rebuild the economy by rebuilding heavy industry.  Don’t count on cottage industry.  Small biz is a mirage.  Massive taxation on exported jobs and capital is incentive enough.  Want to invest in China?   Go live there!

Bring the Military Empire home!  Issue Doug Lamborn and his fellow war lovers helmets and rifles for a taste of combat or at least let them get peppered by teen aged paint-ballers.  Same with the miitarists eager to fight the last war or invent the next.

Remember, “Isolationism” is just another word for minding your own business. “Protectionism” is another for taking care of your own people, Americans, that is.  Let’s try “Strength Through Peace.”  Give Peace a Chance?  Americans First, anyone?

Cap’m John “U”


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  1. Someone left this under my storm door ???

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