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This page is dedicated for posting news and activities of the Howard Zinn Chapter 129 of Veterans For Peace of Pueblo Colorado.  Howard Zinn, our chapter namesake, was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner in World War II who dedicated himself to the cause of world peace when he returned home to Pueblo.

The Pueblo chapter generally holds business meetings on the first Tuesday of each month and presents educational activity gatherings on the third Tuesdays of the months of September through the following May.  Details of our April 17th presentation are presented below.


APRIL 17th 2012  Representatives of PCEOC [Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition] will speak 6:30 pm at the RAWLINGS PUEBLO PUBLIC LIBRARY, 4th FLOOR IN THE INFOZONE. Doug Holdread and Grady Grissom will take the lead in discussing this volatile concern.  Steve Wooten of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and Bill Sulzman of Citizens for Peace in Space will also be on hand.  The issue of Fort Carson’s expansion and use of airspace over Pinon Canyon needs a good public airing in Pueblo.

Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition (PCEOC) is in an emotional, legal-politico life altering  struggle against the Army’s—further expansion and land grab- for its’ maneuvers. Not only limited to area Ranchers and Farmers PCEOC, is notably non partisan—what unites this coalition is a threat to their way of life!

It is not as if the Army has no land use there–they already have control over >235,000 acres!  Deep Archaeological and historical sites are nestled in the impact area. THIS issue IMPACTS area  RANCHERS AND FARMERS in S.E. Colorado.  Environmental threats remain, along with noise and probably MOST IMPORTANT:  A WAY OF LIFE IS BEING THREATENED!  Banks are reluctant to loan to Ranchers whose ownership and control of segments of their land remain clouded!  COME HEAR how it is on “The Front Lines” of this pitched controversy!     Further info. Contact: Robert Mack Veterans for Peace (VFP) Pueblo Chap. 129 the Howard Zinn chap. 3rd. Tues. program facilitator @  and/or tel. 719.214.6441

This past March 20th the chapter hosted a presentation by David Philipps, author of “Lethal Warriors:  When the New Band of Brothers Came Home” at the   Rawlings Library, InfoZone News Museum in Pueblo.

In his presentation and book reading, the author spoke about the negative effects of combat  stress on veterans returning from the Middle East.  Currently, Philipps is a feature writer for the Colorado Springs Gazette. His coverage of the violence at Fort Carson has won the Livingston Prize for  National Reporting and he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.   Lethal Warriors  follows the return of the 506th Infantry Regiment, known as the Band of Brothers, as they return to Ft. Carson after their first tour in Iraq. The Band of Brother’s return bought a series of brutal crimes  throughout the city of Colorado Springs. This group was deployed to the  most violent places in Iraq, and some of the soldiers were suffering from  what they had seen and done in combat. Coming home proved to be a challenge as the soldiers found themselves unprepared for day-to-day life. This novel tells the story of these veterans and their struggles to deal  with post-traumatic stress disorder.  This presentation was met with excellent response as more than one hundred people were in attendance.

COSVFP will continue to work closely with the Howard Zinn VFP Chapter of Pueblo to help promote and support their activities and to expand VFP activities in Colorado Springs as well as to support the Peace community of our city.

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